Healthy Living

About us

At ExamCoder, we are dedicated team over the years in providing healthy ways and tips on how to take care of your body, soul, spirit in the way it should be taken care of.

Our Mission

  1. To eradicate poor mentality among the public about good health
  2. To eradicate poor mentality about unhealthy eating of foods that are deadly to out health and body systems
  3. To educate the people on how to identify, treat and cure some little or minor illnesses around the rural localities
  4. To make the people of the public know how to handle their nutrition, and other healthy measures when it comes to food.
  5. To teach people and let them be aware of some diseases causal organisms that may be unknown to them
  6. To guide and direct the health systems of the governments, private sectors and otherwise.

Our Vision

  1. To be able to detect on time any disease outbreak as we will always inform the public do does and the don’ts of any disease outbreak for health they also say is wealth.
  2. To forecast the weather to be favorable enough to the public as we will always post everything on the blog about the public health.
  3. To kick against Mosquitoes bites and the use of insecticides and also mosquito nets correctly, because negatively and incorrectness uses of the materials will also lead to health challenges. Healthy Ways!